About Vivienne

Gong Practitioner & Yogi


Healing with Sound

Hooked on the relaxing, rejuvenating feeling that Gong baths induced in Vivienne, she decided to learn to play Gongs herself, training as a Gong practitioner with the College of Sound Healing in the UK.

Vivienne's Story


Having originally trained on an intensive Yoga teacher training in India in 2008, she continued to train with various other gurus in different Yoga styles. Her path led to Sanjeev Bhanot and his Advanced Yoga Teacher training, and once more she found herself in magical India.

Since then Vivienne has been an active Yoga teacher and Gong player in various countries including Vegan Cruises in Europe and South America.

In the UK she gives regular Gong Baths at various venues, as well as festivals and corporate or team building events. Vivienne is passionate about spreading the relaxation and revitalization benefits of Gong Baths far and wide across Europe and other continents.