Gong Baths



If you’ve not heard of Gong Baths the following is an explanation. Even if you have heard of Gong Baths before then I welcome you to read about my Sound Journey.

My Introduction to Gongs

I first discovered Gong Bath’s at a Yoga festival. We all lay down in a large room making ourselves comfortable in a nest of cushions, pillows and blankets. The floor space was soon full and people were sitting on chairs around the edge of the room so as not to miss out on the experience. I was fascinated by the beauty of the awesome gongs, some an imposing 30 and 40 inches (up to a metre) in diameter.

After the introduction from the “Gongmaster” I felt very relaxed and comfortable to shut my eyes. I was intrigued by the sounds as they built up, half of me wanted to open my eyes to find out how they were being played and the half just wanted to relax and enjoy. My eyes remained closed. I was aware I was becoming more and more relaxed. Somehow I lost track of time. The sounds were taking my mind into all sorts of new directions. And when I let go of thoughts I felt the lightness of peace and contentment. After the sounds had faded away, I didn’t feel like moving from this special place. I carried this very special feeling and a sense of a different type of energy, energised whilst relaxed at the same time, on into the day and I slept very well that night.

Teaching yoga and taking part in various workshops, trainings and retreats I was fortunate to experience many more Gong Baths. The feeling of wanting to play Gongs was getting stronger and stronger.

During a time of personal difficulty I was drawn in particular to what was to be my first Gong – tuned to the frequency of the planet Saturn “Old Father Time”.

Where did Gongs come from?


It seems Gongs may have first been discovered in the Bronze age – when stones were used as a rudimental oven to bake bread etc and the heat of the fire causes the metals in the stones to seep out and as they cooled in the basin in the earth below they formed a rounded discus of metal. Perhaps one of our ancestors, fascinated by this, took some kind of instrument, a stick or bone and stuck the metal and was intrigued by it’s sound.

Gongs have been widely used for milleniums in rituals and ceremonies particularly in ancient Asian cultures. Gongs continue to be made throughout the world. Many Gongs are hand made in Germany and precisely tuned to a specific frequency. Paiste is one of the most prominent Gong making companies. The Swiss based Estonian company first developed the “Symphonic gong” with is wide range of tones and these have been used in Orchestras for over 50 years. Paiste have developed a wide range of Gongs including the Planet Range. My Saturn Gong comes from this range. For each Planet Paiste have developed a template model Gong which is tuned to the the Planets frequency. These frequencies were discovered by the Swiss Mathematician Hans Cousto. Each Gong is then painstakingly carefully hand crafted and tested to match it’s corresponding template model.

I also have a selection of other Gongs produced by other leading Gong makers as well as ones that have been crafted by English artisan makers. Each Gong is special in it’s own way and they all complement each other.

So how can a Gong Bath help you?

The left hand side of the brain (the logical side that sometimes like to overthink things!) tries to decipher the complex sounds of the Gongs. When a Gong is softy played with a fleece covered mallet (forget any images of the over emphatic Rank film introductions of the 1930/40s) the sound is said to “blossom”,  creating ever more mysterious ethereal sounds as the Gong continues to resonate. The complexity of these sounds is like an overly complex problem to the left brain and eventually it gives up and this has the effect of allowing the right brain to have its time to shine. The right brain is the route of our creativity and intuition. Think of when you had a complex problem or question you had been deliberating over for some time and then you took a break, e.g. for a cuppa or a walk outside etc, and suddenly the answer came to you as if by magic! If you let go and relax you can instinctively find the answer. Sometimes this can happen in a Gong Bath.

Slowing down the left brain and allowing the right brain to function slows down the brain waves – from Beta to Alfa to Delta and even to Theta. A Gong Bath can feel completely relaxing, even meditative or you may even fall asleep! Each person’s experience will be different. Each of your experiences can be different. Even if you fall asleep your whole body will still be resonating to the sounds. The cleansing will be happening at a cellular level. This is why it is called a Gong Bath. The soothing sounds wash throughout the body. When the body is completely relaxed that is when the miracle of the human body can start to detoxify, repair and rejuvenate. It’s always important to keep the body hydrated and even more so before and especially after a Gong Bath to flush away toxins from the body.

I provide 1 to 1 personalised sessions as well as Gong Baths. And if you come to a yoga class you will get a little taster of the Gong experience in the relaxation at the end.

So I welcome you to experience, to relax, to rejuvenate.